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Live Sports Bar
Call to Reserve: 2265 9600
World African Cup
Burger & Beer @ African Cup of Nations
Watch the African Cup of Nations Championship action at your favourite sports bar in town, while enjoying delicious bites and refreshing drinks, With 12HD screens, 1 Mega screen Live Sports Bar is your ideal spot to cheer for your favourite team. A massive burger and a cold beer; That's what we call the perfect match. Pick your favourite burger and enjoy a pint of cold beer for only 222++ EGP
world cup
Beer Promotion @ African Cup of Nations
Enjoy the latest sporting actions live and get a bucket of 6 beers for the price of 4 for only 280++ EGP daily from 7:00 -10 PM
Shaky Bites
Shaky Bites
Enjoy a wide selection of unbeatable flavors of savory bites including Wasabi Shrimps,Chees Meat Balls and  Chiken Wings served with a mix of sauces and spices
Steak Promotion
Steak Promotion
Order any USA Beef steak and get unlimited soft drink refills. Choose froma diverse of succulent steaks including  Rib Eye Steak, Beef Tenderloin or Beef Striploin the finest cuts creatively paired  with Roasted Seasonal Vegetable, Fresh French Fries served with Gravy Sauce
Sushi Night every Monday
Sushi Night every Monday
Live Sports Bar offering a selection of uniquely crafted sushi and sashimi assortments every Monday.freshly prepared rolls, sparkling cocktails, Live Entertainment and effortless ambience await you